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You have made the decision to fix your smile with dental implants, so now how do you filter through all the options to find the right provider for your needs?  We understand the concern of our patients and we want to help them make this process easier. Yes, dental implants are a superior way to replace your missing teeth. However, choosing the right dental implants practice, doctor and treatment plan are absolutely critical to ensuring the successful treatment. Here is some information to help our patients in Brooklyn, NY and beyond to select the right dental implants provider for their unique needs and budget.

What Questions Should I Ask A Potential Dental Implants Provider?

Here are a few of the questions you should ask when researching dental implant providers:

1) Is your provider licensed, trained and/or certified?

2) How many years experience does your dental implant provider have placing dental implants?

3) Has your doctor had any disciplinary action in the past?

4) What is your doctor’s success rate?

5) Is the volume in your jawbone sufficient to support a dental implant, or do you need bone grafting?

6) Does your provider have images of prior patient results that he/she can share?

A Uniquely Qualified Dental Implants Provider

Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus has been practicing dental care and dental implant surgery for over 25 years in the Brooklyn, NY area.  For this reason, he believes that no two patients are the same. That is why he tailors each dental implant treatment specifically based upon his patients’ individual needs, wants and health history.

Here are some additional reasons why you should consider us for your dentalimplants procedure:

• We have over 25 years of dental implant surgery experience, as well as many hundreds of hours of continued education and training.

• We use the only the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment and high-quality dental implants.

• We have over a quarter century of experience to ensure the most accurate placement and longest lasting dental implant results.

• We are experienced at the dental implants process with a skilled staff to support you in every step of the dental implant process.

• We work hand-in-hand with each patient to deliver the most customized treatment plan to fit your individual anatomy, physiology and health goals.

Choose Us For Your Dental Implant Needs

Here at Brooklyn Heights Dental we are proud of our exceptional experience, superior design and long-history of successful dental implant treatments. Our products, equipment and procedures are all carefully chosen to maximize your treatment and ensure the highest quality results for our Brooklyn, NY patients.  In fact, most of our patients are so pleased with the results of their dental implants procedure that they only wish they had acted sooner to fix their smiles. With dental implants, you will be able to smile confidently and enjoy the superior function of your teeth in just a few short office visits. We also offer great payment options so there is no reason to delay your treatment any longer. We can’t wait to help you get a healthy and functional smile; so call us today for your free dental implants consultation!


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