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Bob, a patient of Dr. Eugene D. Stanislaus who’s name has been changed for privacy reasons, has been missing all of the teeth in his lower jaw for nearly twenty years.  Because options were more limited when he lost his teeth, he opted for the convenience of removable dentures. Recently, he decided that he would like to replace his outdated dentures with a more permanent and stable option.  However, his lower jawbone has flattened and thinned out preventing him from immediately getting dental implants.

Every day we see patients that want to take advantage of the amazing technology of dental implants to transform their smiles. But not everyone is immediately ready, patients like Bob may need a little extra preparation before they can undergo the dental implants procedure. Here is a more detailed explanation about bone regeneration and how it can help prepare the jaw for dental implants.

Problems Associated With Missing Teeth

All patients need to undergo a full examination by a qualified professional to see if they have adequate jawbone density before they can get dental implants.  It is only after this examination, that it can be determined what shape the jaw is in and if it can properly support dental implants.  Missing teeth or other conditions may have caused the bone material in the patient’s jaw to lose volume over time.  This could potentially cause dental implant failure if not treated before patients get dental implants.  Bone regeneration is one solution to this problem that can add volume to the jaw and help it properly support the restorative treatment.

What Is Bone Regeneration?

If a patient’s jawbone is not thick enough, they may need bone regeneration before they can have dental implant surgery. The reason for this is that chewing and biting creates tremendous pressure on the jawbone.  If the bone is not strong enough to support the implant, dental implant surgery has a high chance of failure.   A bone graft can strengthen and reinforce the jawbone to create a better foundation for the implant.

The procedure is extremely simple and can usually be done in a simple in-office appointment.  As for the actual procedure,  it involves applying new bone material to the site of depletion.  Once healed, this action stimulates important growth and the patient can be re-evaluated for dental implants suitability.

Come See Us For Bone Regeneration And Dental Implants

Here at Brooklyn Heights Dental we know that regardless of a desire to restore a functional smile with dental implants, some patients are not immediately ready for the procedure. In the past, a lack of volume in the jaw would prevent patients from getting dental implants. Now, thanks to bone regeneration, patients who were previously unable, can now reap the wonderful benefits of dental implants. Want more information about dental implants or bone regeneration and how they can help you? Check out the rest of our dental implants website or call one of our helpful staff members now for a consultation. Call us now to get started on your best dental health ever with dental implants!


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